An Ode to Māgadi Road

Prelude: Māgadi Road is the name of a lower middle class, ordinary residential/industrial area in Bangalore. It is named after a 60km state highway that originates in the heart of Bangalore, runs through this locality and leads to a small town called Māgadi in the city outskirts. The word ‘Māgadi’ literally means ‘A Great Border’.
Ordinary people, lesser than ordinary thinking, and extraordinary ambitions.
Does it sound familiar? I am sure it does.
Read the following verse to find out what most of the Real Urban India stands for.

Magadi Road

Taxis and saloons flood the streets
So many wanderers, so many wonders
Yet so little are browns, and
Very less are white shirts

It was the ultimate limit once
For the roads, for the borders
And for those, in, humans.
Now, it is the common heart
Of many moving, in, through exits

Those doors are named after
Some, some have no names
All have ten levered locks
Made of stainless, colourful present

Taxis and saloons flood the streets
Taxis full of drivers, Saloons full of balds,
As the road, Māgadi is full of them,
There are so many wanderers
And so many…I wonder.

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