Vote with your Middle Finger!!

I hate derogatory words in any language. However, some of them are relevant and attain a relative amount of respectability under special circumstances. Linguistic experts believe that the word F*** has become a common curse word in English quite recently. For a long time, the word that was used in a similar context was “Damn”, which I feel is perfectly within the limits. Now, the F word has taken over.

With this introductory remark on the subject and with a clarification that I do not support the use of the F word, I would like you to consider the following.

It is a practice in India that when a person officially votes in an election, she/he will be marked with a special ink on her/his left index finger. It is an indication that a person has already voted and cannot vote again in the same election.

Now, I have a suggestion. From now onwards, let people be given a chance of choosing between the fingers of their hands to be marked. (Fingers only and Fingers in one’s forelimbs only and not anything else, mind you!!) If the person prefers an index finger to others, that is fine. On the other hand, if she/he chooses the middle finger that should also be fine. It is slightly different though, and you know how. By marking your middle finger for the candidate of choice you make a statement. When the votes are counted, let the candidates know how many middle finger votes were cast for them. All of us, including the candidates, will know that how far their choice was forced on the electorate.

Candidates/Aspirants of a parliamentary birth come in different capacities. I prefer the word ‘capacity’ to ‘shapes and sizes’ and you know why. There have been some discussions in the television media on the concept of “Negative Voting”. We do not have a blank button in the voting machine, do we?

After all, you do not have a right to choose between your own fingers, do you?
Fingers do come in different shapes, don’t they?

By the way, I did cast my vote in this general election. I have my left index finger marked, and hopefully the ink fades away sooner rather than later.

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