Less than(k) Full

All of us come across situations where in we would have to acknowledge something or somebody (be it good/bad).  It is very common to see people in denial or ignorant of the fact that acknowledgment is required. 

As a rule, it is always told to us that we should acknowledge something/somebody, if we have benefited from it/them.  This rarely applies to situations, which would have a negative impact.  “Reciprocation” would be a better term to describe it (modified Newton’s third law-be equal and not opposite). This topic may have been discussed everyday in every household.  Children are taught to say two words whenever they receive any sort of help and another three words whenever they end up disturbing something/somebody.  I think those words have become very plastic.

Recently, I tried to imagine a situation to acknowledge something in public.  Since I do not do it often, I prepared by rehearsing it several times.  I wanted it to be as complete as possible. I knew that practicing such a thing would make it appear forced.   Therefore, I took care in changing my style each time and in the process, I just wanted the important points to register in my mind. 

I was confident because I knew; it was neither a test nor a punishment.  I was not going to be judged on that day.  I had everything sorted out.  The actual moment arrived.  I began and my voice started to change. There was a lump in the throat, which could not be swallowed.    I somehow said in parts whatever I wanted to say in full.

It is said that emotions (hormones) take over and to an extent take care of how and what we say (behave) when we truly feel it.    However, should we allow that to happen?  If a thing can take over ‘you’, is it good for you?  These are questions, which may have some obvious answers.  Most of us feel that they make us realize we are still ‘human’ and not machines.  It is unclear, though. 

Is something missing here?

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