Roads, more travelled

No young boy can forget the fascination of travelling with his father on a two-wheeler in a big city.  His father would find a way home each time he went out with him. His father’s motor vehicle can travel faster than he can count the trees on the roadside. The sound of air gushing around his ears feels musical…

What is scaring, is the way his father takes a sharp turn (he dares trying this with a tricycle). Occasionally, if he asks a question in between, his father would turn behind and that may upset his rhythm and he says to himself “ouch!”. Nothing happens.  His father is calm and just continues with his gear shifting. Finally, they reach the same road, the only road the boy can recognize.

After several years of impatience, the boy gets a chance to see the city on his own.  There is no one travelling with him or no one to ask untimely questions to him the way he would do to his father.  He starts. He has some idea of the place he wants to visit because he has travelled a fair bit on his bicycle by now.  However, there is a lot, which he doesn’t know anything about.  Despite having gone through maps, he ends up stopping at least three times on the way asking others for directions. He somehow reaches his destination. He faces similar problems on the way back because he has to take a different route.  He says to himself, “this is just not the way”.

He stops for a while and closes his eyes. He recollects the unforgettable experience of travelling with his father to unknown places.  He imagines how his father thinks directions in the mind and easily tells which way to go.  He starts again and the air feels rhythmic again. Very soon, he knows that he is on the right track.

He wonders, whether he learnt spatial awareness from his father or it is an instinctive behaviour. He knows that his father could do it, because his father has travelled a lot.  Then he recognizes that he has some instinct and he also has a great dad!

Roads, more travelled


10 thoughts on “Roads, more travelled”

  1. This one touched a chord! That is so true! Being a good driver is part instinct and many a part observation! You observe how good a driver your dad is and you try to pick up on that! After all, you have to be “his successor” in everything! You have to measure up! So, it makes one feel responsible and proud at the same time!

  2. I did not understand the part where you say that, “You recollect how he thinks directions in his mind”. How can one do that?!!
    And through out this page, you are just being Romantic aren’t you? 🙂
    I never thought of you like this! Or that you could think this way!
    Well, congratulations, you have just expressed something deep, without being technical or being comical about it. You were always good being comical; and technical, oh boy! It reached all of them.
    But, what you have written here is not an easy one to express. But, reality is an essential part of Romanticism. Lets see how you proceed with this genre, in this direction. Best of luck…. 🙂

  3. your article seemed to talk of the feelings of a boy who learnt his way on the bike(or scooter or whatever). But as the article proceeds, it seems to take a deeper meaning. I mean, I never would think of my dad when exploring the city roads. The article seems to want to say about a path taken while exploring not the way around some place but the way around when we face situations in life. We do seem to feel good about ourselves if we could handle a tough situation. We will seem to think that “father would be happy about it” only to realise they had much higher expectations. I liked this one a lot.

  4. A timely reminder for me to trust my instincts. I know more than i think, i just need to stop and shut my eyes to hear it. I too was given a very good ‘internal compass’ by my dad…or was it already there?

  5. father is always a larger than life character for most of them. in general he comes in different flavors at every stage of life.

    First he will be the super hero and then a violent psychopathic man who hits you though you are correct (according to you). And at one stage you feel like you are much better than your father. Later you realize that you are not, but at that stage .. he will be in his cradle.

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