RDnary Patience

Do they manufacture ‘patience’ in a factory somewhere nowhere?  I don’t remember any advertisement that showed two shops sharing the TV screen as one of them sold ordinary patience (a shop full of patience labelled as ordinary!) and the other shop sold only branded patience and that too from a single company.  If such shops exist, then people would certainly and frequently buy packets full of  much needed patience.  If patience leaks to black market, then ‘god help us’ or should I say ‘God, give us patience’.

I don’t know what/how patience looks like.  I remember learning once during a philosophy of science class (hair-splitting) that it is very difficult to imagine space (true space) without any physical objects filled in it.    For this very reason, if needed one could only wish to buy a packet full of ordinary patience.  You decide the size of the packet and the density of patience you want.  If you are lucky, the ordinary shop owner may have in stock what you want.

So far, I have not been able to locate a shop that sells ordinary patience for everyday use.  However, I have seen a physical structure that is about 50 kg in weight with  a density of 1g/cc.  It does not tolerate nonsense.  If a situation demands it can become  moderately angry and at the same time possess the most forward looking and unimaginably sensible ideas and above all it can draw from a renewable inbuilt source of patience.  A source that comes out of pure and ‘brute’ inner strength and has no signs of helplessness.

Wait a minute!  If my mother has so much of patience, why didn’t I buy some of it from her?  She must have given it to me for free (at least 50% of hers) when I was born.  I must have had at least a sachet of it.  Did I throw it away?  Have I misplaced it? Oh…come on… where is it?  Find it before I break something…Watch it …watch it…am I  losing it right there?

Even if I lose my free sample sachet of patience, I know that I will always have its greatest original source.  Aren’t I lucky?

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