Discriminating against my own blog…

It has been three years since I started writing here and this time I have been conscious of the turn of this event.  Why?  There had been many occasions this year when I thought of sharing a new idea here with my readers and on most such occasions I decided against publishing them.  On this important milestone (3 years since CanTHeeRava’s debut) I would be letting myself down if I did not tell you why I chose not to share those views here.

I have penned many more articles than those that appeared on CanTHeeRava and they are still in my books and on sheets of paper.  I prefer the verb ‘penned’ to ‘typed’ because writing is more intimate than blogging.  In a way, I discriminated against my own blog.  Being a classicist at heart I did not see my own blog worthy of publishing something I thought deserved a better place and by better I mean a place that will be real (a book or a news paper).

Did I also feel insecure that I might run out of ideas one day if I just continued to type them loud on my blog?…well…the thought did cross my mind on a few occasions.  However, I don’t think I will run out of ideas soon…at least I hope…   The quality of those ideas could be debatable and that debate existed in the past as well.  However, the fact remains that I chose not to publish those articles on my own blog.

Am I aiming for critical approval by experts, by people I respect who are not online (many who will never use internet because they are past that age)?  May be I am….  Another thing must also be made clear here.   As mentioned earlier I wrote many things over the last year or so.  A tiny percentage deserved a place relatively more permanent than CanTHeeRava.  A lot of them were not ready to be read and I just put them in cold storage so that they can undergo slow decay.  If there is any life in them they can be revived later.   What I publish here at CanTHeeRava has been mostly factual reflective commentary (how obvious!).  That will continue in future.  The effort will be to add in a fresh dimension wherever possible.  As long as that effort comes to me effortlessly, I will publish them here.

I respect my blog hence I cannot write something that just looks new…I discriminate against my own blog because I think discriminating against your own kind (when they are at an advantage) is acceptable and is expected of a level headed fair minded individual.

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