Ambulance chasers

RAF977_ambulance3I have expressed my displeasure about a profession (namely law) and its practitioners (namely lawyers) on a number of occasions on my weblog.  While I respect some of them (with integrity), those with valuable insight into how India’s constitution works, I respect what they do in the name of due process, I cannot stand lawyers who do not have a heart and do not understand what it means to live beyond a list of codes.  I maintain that it is India’s misfortune that most of her politicians are professional lawyers.   They understand the law and they break it conveniently to suit their own purpose.  They make new laws that help them sustain their (often) corrupt and untenable positions.  I respect exceptions.

Among lawyers there are some who are denigrated by other lawyers (who are not any better themselves).  One such rotten category is that of the Ambulance chasers.   The dictionary meaning of the phrase ambulance chaser tells you that he/she is a lawyer who looks for clients at a disaster site (be it accidents, sabotages, or whatever leading to personal harm).  They encourage victims to sue for damages.  They do not help victims out of genuine compassion, rather they actively seek victims who they think are going to fetch high compensation.  Such disgraceful lawyers would not know their clients beforehand and would not care for the victims if they think the compensation is not easy to get.

Having expressed my disgust for such people, now let me come to ambulance chasers amongst us.  Yes.  You heard me right.  There are many among us (non-lawyers), motorists and commuters, who chase ambulances (literally) on the road to overcome traffic jams.  Those of us who have seen Bangalore grow out of proportions, understand traffic jams better than others.  We have also seen some motorcycle riders and car drivers tailing ambulances in busy traffic.  What the hell are they thinking?  Are they going to save a couple of minutes by chasing an ambulance?  I confess that my temperament while riding my cycle or old scooter is not the same as that of a person who has a 500 cc motorcycle or a 2000 cc four-wheel drive.  But, what on earth are they doing by tailing an ambulance and jumping traffic signals with an ambulance?  They are not relatives of the person who is fighting for life, are they?   I have seen this too often and it makes me very angry each time I see it.  Those of us who do this are no different to those lawyers who seek clients at a disaster site.


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