tendulkar retires from ODIs
Tendulkar retires from ODIs

I am going to share something with all of you, which I have told no one until today. There was a postcard sized Tendulkar photo that I (as a primary school student in the early 1990s) had pasted on the inside of an old fashioned closet in one of the thick walls of our very old home. The house had an old roof that had to be replaced in 1996 because it was leaking every monsoon. We had to shift everything to another place during the repair. However, I wanted the Tendulkar postcard to remain undisturbed. I locked the wall closet and he remained there while the whole house was remodelled. We returned. In 2007-08 we had to put in a bigger door next to the closet. The closet had to be cut open to fit the door. I was forced to remove the Tendulkar postcard. By then, I had grown with him. I removed his postcard with a sigh of satisfaction knowing that he will remain in my heart, no matter what.

Tendulkar’s defense might have been breached by many bowlers.  Nonetheless, my heart is unbreachable.

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